Burning Buildings: Progressing, Doubling Back, Progressing

Yesterday brought us a crash course in new-band marketing; today presents simplicity: a band with songs online to play to you.

Wait, here’s the first problem: Burning Building‘s songs aren’t simple at all. They’re complex, leaping from one idea to another, styles and genres akimbo.

And yet, they’re easily accessible to even the most unadventurous of ears. This, of course, is the band’s chief achievement.

Is Knowing/Not Knowing a heavy rock chug, a clattering post-rock cacophony, a math-rock pitter-patter, or all of the above? Should we even care?

Contorted, stuttering and polymathic: in many ways, Burning Buildings are indicative of the many multi-faceted bands emerging from Manchester’s curiously fertile scene at the moment.

These bands are all without true genre, or without defined style – a conscious leap away from Manchester’s past. Whether this brave anti-everything stance is commercially viable remains to be seen.

What’s clear is this: Burning Buildings’ songs and their style are a work in progress – but then so is all art worth our attention.

MORE: burningbuildings.bandcamp.com

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