Left Channel: Work/Un-Work

I’ve long postulated that songs will become shorter, and more spazmodic as time increases.

The rush and buzz of modern technology practically demands it: we all multi-task to the tune dictated by our smartphones and browsers – I imagine you have half a dozen tabs open right now and are only lingering on this one until another takes your fancy.

This behaviour is probably ruinous for our collective sanity. Such is life.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), Left Channel supplies the time-bereft with schizophrenic musical niblets to match the behaviour of scattergun minds.

In some ways, My Cathode Spike simply doesn’t work; this is also the song’s greatest strength.

No single beat gets going for more than a bar or two; listening is both dazzling and exhausting.

Our attention bounces as freely as the beat, and listeners will be left either impressed by Left Channel‘s dedication to chaos of concerned for their mental well-being.  Like simultaneously watching 15 TV channels whilst grinding your teeth.

NB: People of an anxious disposition ought to prepare some whale music to listen to afterwards.

MORE: thephilosophyofthemindsofthepeople.com

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