Corpse Lights: A Curdled Churn

Woe betide any unfortunate soul who suddenly has a flash of inspiration and records one of the most brilliant songs of the year in mid-December: it simply won’t even get heard amongst all the end-of-year lists, and the inevitable accompanying chatter about Lana del bloody Rey‘s inclusion/exclusion.

Corpse Lights, by the way, might just be one of those bands, splattered with the results of the increasingly insane blog-list arms-race.

It would be a real crime if they were ignored (and watch me proven wrong as they feature prominently in a dozen lists), because Glossolalia is a dose of wobbly, queasy brilliance.

Combining the sound of a druggy, travel-sick dream with the rigidity and composure of, er, a druggy, travel-sick dream; Glossolalia is the rarest of things – a song that sounds like a brilliant remix of a song you’ll never get to hear.

Thus, we indulge our romantic side over the lost classic, whilst luxuriating in the creamy, curdled churn of the sound we can actually hear. It’s like eating a Toblerone in a very hot bath. Weird, but endlessly pleasurable.


NB: It goes without saying, of course, that ANBAD’s very own me-too-Best-Of-2011 list will take place next week. Or the week after. Haven’t decided yet.

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