ANBAD’s Best Bands Of 2011 // The Runners-Up (Part 2)

Here’s Part Two of ANBAD’s Best Bands of 2011 Runner’s-Up List. Cast a beady eye over Part One here.

Next week, a rarity: decisiveness in action, and I’ll be picking the Top Ten new bands featured on ANBAD this year.

All the bands that will be featured over the next week or so have quite definitely not been carefully judged, weighed and balanced against one another: you’ll find no pretence here that this will be anything other than the mysterious blue fluff nestling in the belly button that is ANBAD.

But first, here’s a bunch of bands that didn’t quite fit into the Top Ten. And they’re still all Too Legit To Quit 2011 without one more spin:

  • ROUGH FIELDS’ Abu Dhabi is “dense. It’s also madly warm and almost too rich. Almost, but not quite. The most beautiful white noise you’ll hear all month. Fabulous.”

Rough Fields // Abu Dhabi


  • REID“produces silky-smooth, thunderously soft house music. House music is at its most devastatingly effective when kept almost absurdly simple, and, in his echo-drenched thumper Forrest, Reid has discovered this secret sweet spot.”


  • YOOFS were briefly called AC Slater. One threat of a lawsuit later, and the newly-re-named Yoofs were making music that prompted this pseudo-deep comment: “Shooting for the stars is hard when you’re trying to make it seem like you’re scratching around in the dust – but this is what Yoofs are doing, and it’s working well so far.”


  • BLOUSE are relatively big, at least for ANBAD’s scrawny parameters. But, they’er very good. And, “buried deep within Videotapes’ warped synths, clobbering drums and breathy vocals lies a pristine and simple 4-square pop song; hooks, choruses and progressions all in the right place, at the right time.”

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