ANBAD’s Best Bands Of 2011 // Top Ten: 5-3

As we trundle imperceptibly closer to the frothing climax of ANBAD’s 2011 Top Ten, the bands are getting weirder, more coiling, and more devious in nature.

Just like capitalism, the closer you get to that top 5%, the more sly and crafty it’s inhibitors are.

ANBAD: you’ll come for the bands, but stay for the politics.

Don’t forget to check out the runners up (Parts One and, indeed, Two), as well as the bands who are ranked from 10-6.

#5 – Tech Coast/Tours: So many bands present themselves anonymously these days, that soon all bands will be faceless, and they’ll have to start changing their name every few weeks to keep us on our toes.

Tech Coast have already begun the trend, changing their name to the slightly more generic Tours. Oh well – it doesn’t matter. Tours make wonderful music.


ANBAD said:Eyes to the sky, wrists to the heavens: If a song was ever cloudy, then this is it. Vast, open and – once you crack past the rigidity of the form – softer and more unctuous than egg custard.

This, I suppose, makes Tech Coast‘s music the crème brûlée of dance. And I love crème brûlées. Excellent, excellent, excellent.”

#4 –  Baaneex: ANBAD has a fresh-dog-turd-soft spot for bands that are deliberately obtuse. Make of that what you will, but while Baaneex are indeed just that, they are also brilliantly – wait for it – groovy, and unafraid to smash songs to bits part-way through.

For all these nods to eccentricity, awkwardness and perversity, they’re a band who deserve to be heard, even before their great songs are taken into consideration.



ANBAD said: “This song is so terrifically obtuse and accessible all at once it will fool you into thinking it has no antecedents… you could just as easily get lost in the fabulous density of a song that has so many constituent parts that it should never, ever work – and yet emerges triumphant as the most complicatedly wonderful song to appear on ANBAD for ages.”

#3 – Tigercats are simply adorable. In the flesh, as, barefoot and shy, they clang at their instruments and sway along to their own melodies; or on record where you’ll want to do the same – they will snag your eyes and ears.

Here’s a band who are the equivalent of the beautiful teenage girl who doesn’t realise her own powerful attractiveness yet. Similarly, you’ll want to put a protective arm around them. For now, at least.


ANBAD said: “…the genuinely excellent 1985 is steely and brittle beneath its raggedy velveteen exterior.

Their songs betray no ulterior motives of forced cool, and are interested only in establishing their public image as an enthusiastic young band in love with making songs. Excellent, alive, and bright.”

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