ANBAD’s Best Bands Of 2011 // Number 2: Trwbador

Nearly there now… don’t forget to check out the runners up (Parts One and Two), as well as the bands who are ranked from 10 to 6, and 5 to 3.

How did Trwbador sneak into the number two slot? They’re just so unassuming. Look at them. They wouldn’t even bruise a fly, let alone hurt one.

Well, bluntly, it’s because Sun In Winter has been buzzing around my brain like one of The Numskulls ever since I first marvelled at the breathtakingly clear-cut splicing of folk ‘n’ beatz that makes up this marvel of a song.

Now, I understand that mixing folk with snappy, cut-up samples and clicking drums sounds heinous. So it’s the fact that the resulting song is truly wonderful that has propelled Trwbador to such dizzy heights.


I’m hoping for – nay, expecting – much more brilliant songsmithery from them in 2012. And I rarely even begin to think things like that.

ANBAD said: Trwbador are not the first band to try to balance this dichotomy. They are one of few who have actually managed it – and how, creating a sound that is otherworldly, yet real; mechanical, yet tender.

This song is a remix of a remix of a song that never existed in the first place. We can imagine this song – it’s so close we can almost touch it – and yet it simply doesn’t exist. Beautiful, bright, brilliant.”

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