You Need The BRIT Awards. The BRIT Awards Need You. You do the math.

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Whoah. It’s almost Christmas. No really, it is. Check the calendar. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

See? Crazy isn’t it. And just when the season of moderate goodwill has swept by, do you know what’ll whip around just as fast? The Brit Awards.

Yep, the massive UK music jamboree, habitually sponsored by MasterCard, will zoom back into all of our lives, and bombard us with the usual flurry of award-scattering, tales of drunken behaviour, and endless reminiscances of that time when Jarvis Cocker waved his bottom towards Michael Jackson.

If you dare, cast your mind back to last year when musical luminaries like small-town haulage-company sound-a-likes Mumford and Sons clashed on stage with hip-hop wünderkind Tiny ‘Tony’ Tempah, roly-poly songstress Adele and everyone’s favourite rambunctious redhead, Rhiannah.

Well, trash that memory right now, because The BRITS 2012 is going to be at least  a thousand times more exciting – and Mastercard holders can make sure they’re there at the giant musical event to end all gaint musical events by buying BRIT Awards 2012 tickets right nowmonths before anyone else!

Tot up the glut of goodness that’ll be taking place: not only will you be snuggled comfortably in London’s most fabulous music venue, the O2, but you’ll have laugh-a-minute funnyman James Corden pumping comedic gas in your direction in between announcing every single amazing pop act.

Moreover, and possibly most amazingly, Sir Peter Blake is designing the statue. (NB: Peter Blake is not related to James Blake – but just imagine how good the album artwork would be if they were). And who’s going to be clutching these tastefully-designed awards? Probably not Wu Lyf, but who knows?

Mastercard holders don’t only have the chace to book these tickets straight away – their Priceless Cities service means that you’ll be able to slip straight into the Big Smoke like a local and take full advantage of Europe’s most idiosyncratic city.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s face it – there’ll be no better way to spend your Feburary next year. 

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