Trailer Trash Tracys: Drowning in Reverb-erb-erb-rb-rb-b-b

There’s a lot of reverb sloshing around in New Band World at the moment isn’t there?

It’s like the latest generation of music makers grew up locked in a room full of Jesus and Mary Chain LPs and a record player that would only operate at half-speed.

Not that such a sheltered upbringing has harmed Trailer Trash Tracys, of course: if anything, it has teased something altogether more fascinating out of their particular ether.

I don’t mind TTT‘s full-on Jesus and Mary Chain similarities, from the harrowing density of the noise, to the Candy-referencing of the title.

It’s not mere copying, or even a pastiche – more, the rock version of sampling: grabbing bits from adored songs and bands and brazenly using them for their own devices.

Candy Girl, with its knowing and unabashed plundering of the ponderous, ominous bass from the Twin Peaks theme song, is a song rammed to the brim with dualitites: po-faced but wry; deathly serious and joyful; original and full of lifts from the past.

Smart, shifty and (un)surprising. Nice.


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