The Lovely Eggs: Put It All On Red

Let’s start with flat truths: this post is to be filed under, “What constitutes ‘new’, anyway?”.

The fact is that The Lovely Eggs have been lolling around New Band Town for a while – heck, they’ve even (briefly) been on ANBAD before – so for those of you who like to write furious emails complaining about how ANBAD isn’t as good as it used to be, please click “Compose” now.

The other fact is, though, that one listen to the excellent Allergies obliterates any petty concerns: this is a song worth highlighting under any circumstances, even banal internet-based existential crises.

Bands progress, and bands change: in the Lovely Eggs’ case, their progression within the space of one song is almost mind-boggling.

Because Allergies isn’t only a song, it’s a heavy-as-lead, psychedelic-lo-fi mini-masterpiece; the ‘Kashmir’ of winsome bedroom indie; the sound of a band shoving everything on red and then hitting ‘Record’.

Actually, it wasn’t the band who hit ‘Record’, it was Gruff Rhys. I imagine recording in the same studio as a latter-day pop genius sharpens the mind’s focus a bit.

In secret, bands often talk about taking steps, often to the next level. Whatever the reasoning is, here’s the final truth of the day: by subtly warping their sensibilities, The Lovely Eggs have done exactly that. Excellent.


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