Tech Coast: Cracking The Crème Brûlée

Another day, another anonymous side-project. One day, all posts on ANBAD will simply be a number, followed by a question mark and a Bandcamp link.

I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that these side projects are actually a lot more interesting and satisfying than the artist’s main band.

This could all be monumentally unfair on Tech Coast (or should I say Anon Band #592?), but until he/she/they provide any proof otherwise – which they won’t – I’m sticking with this hypothesis.

Once, like me, you manage to struggle beyond the sleuthing stage, what Tech Coast do reveal is a knack for cobbling together nuggets of deliriously sunny ‘n’ spacious house muzak like It Just Sucks.

Eyes to the sky, wrists to the heavens: If a song was ever cloudy, then this is it. Vast, open and – once you crack past the rigidity of the form – softer and more unctuous than egg custard.

This, I suppose, makes Tech Coast‘s music the crème brûlée of dance. And I love crème brûlées. Excellent, excellent, excellent.


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