Secret Diaries: Parcel Delivery

Secret Diaries have one of those supremely satisfying band names that make you wonder why no-one has thought of it before. I love it when that happens.

And speaking of ‘supremely satisfying’, Secret Diaries’ undulating, stacatto songs are, naturellement, just that.

Each precisely-placed thump within Secret Diaries’ music delivers a tasty parcel of sound, and we, the listeners, are merely conduits for its musicality; consuming, relaying, waiting for the next.

With this in mind, Islands is the perfect title – this song is a series of discrete sounds, each unlike the other, but carefully assembled to sound like a whole.

Too cosmic an idea? Then think about this, as Islands’ relentlessly soft sound trundles ever-onwards: if this song continued as it was for another hour, would you really mind? Thought not. Deliciously hypnotic.


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