Sea Glasses: Every-day Pleasure

After taking a rare dip into the murky waters of  Music Debate And Controversy yesterday, it’s a soothing pleasure to return to the day-to-day grind of simply finding new bands.

I say grind, but of course it’s nothing of the sort – I find the same kind of pleasure in rooting out new bands as Bob Ross takes from washing his brush. Simple pleasures, simply done, friends.

And anyway, Sea Glasses are about as frenetic and disorientating as slipping into a hot bubble bath. Their music is beamed directly from childhood dreams: pink-hued, soporific and wildly happy.

When We Left is the aural recounting of a treasured memory – drenched in reverb, lazily rebounding sounds off itself and featuring the same wide-eyed euphoria previously heard in the latter few tracks from Screamadelica.

At the end, the track dissolves into blissful dissonance, and all its listeners’ heart rates will have slowed by 10%. If nothing else, here’s a song that could have serious repercussions on our collective blood pressure.


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