Miró Belle: Throwaway Bubble-Hop

Every time I bemoan the decline in the art of sampling, someone always informs me that, actually, everything is sampled these days, and so I’m wrong.

Well, I don’t deny that I’m often misinformed. It’s the raison, if you will, of ANBAD’s être.

However. If you listen to the dazzling sample-driven achievements of early Public Enemy, Ill Communication-era Beastie Boys, early ‘joints’ from A Tribe Called Quest, and the like, it’s hard to ignore that the simple delights of finding good samples and chopping them to will may have been overlooked recently.

I don’t really know how Miró Belle makes his music, but I do recognise the playfulness of those sampling pioneers in throwaway bubble-hop songs like With Philice Glass.

To these ears, this song, like others Miró Belle has made, is a cluster of golden sound-slivers, all squeezed together until something especially lively emerges. Thus, compressed funk sax stabs rub shoulders with blues guitar ker-chunk  noises, ear-splitting snares and hissing bass noise.

And that’s pretty much what a sampled song should sound like – a blizzard of bits and bobs, that perhaps oughtn’t work, but do. Simple, complex, silly.

MORE: mirobelle.bandcamp.com

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