MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 30th November 2011

Razorlight have released a new publicity photograph. Here it is.

This is one of the rare instances where mere words – stupid, lumpen words – cannot fully describe the astonishing nature of a photograph that will stand the test of time as one of rock music’s most hilarious.

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has finally proven to be true – albeit that we have definitively learnt that each and every single one of those thousand words is “LOL”.

Alex James, Britpop’s Grand Fromage, shows his displeasure at Razorlight’s stern ludicrousness.


FIRST! Appelecal is Big In Holland. Cynics will say, “Yes, but so were 2Unlimited,” but that’s really just cruel. Applescal makes some of the most incandescently pure electronic music you’re likely to hear this year, or any other. Deeply lovely.


SECOND! Hornets are French. They make house music. You know it’s going to be really good, don’t you? (And it is, too.) Minimal, heavy and minimal (again). Ace.


THIRD! Pinebocks have put a song together with, it seems, equipment made of cardboard, elastic bands and bits of old tin. It has that MacGyver-pop feel of rough ‘n’ readiness that’s so endearing.


FINALLY! Inspired and The Sleep have been on ANBAD before – to rave review – and they’ve produced a tippety-toppety video cobbled together from found footage. I love found footage. Ace.

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