MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 16th November 2011

 Sad news reaches ANBAD Towers again this week, as the revelation that Alex James’ Cheese ‘n’ Music “Worstival” has been quietly led behind the summer festival barn and put out of its misery.

The cheese/music dream is over. Worstival had a brief, glorious reign at the top of the “Music Festivals Tory Prime Ministers Choose To Attend” tree.

Thus today, Official ANBAD Mascot Alex James pours scorn, in the form of molten cheese, onto Alex James. Whoa. Inception.


FIRST! Markus Hulthén‘s instrumental soft-psyche pop nugget, Visa från Svedmyra, is the kind of song you’d want to hear over a sad time-lapse montage of footage between acts two and three of a low-budget surprise-hit Indie movie. To wit: it’s lovely, melancholic, yet hinting at good things to come.

SECOND! New Hands have somehow achieved what I thought was impossible: an enjoyable riff on the super-shiny, pristine hate-pop of the mid-80’s. Their songs ought to be a catastophe. Actually, they’re pretty terrific. Success!

THIRD! Les Etoiles means ‘The Stars’ in French. I think. Assuming I’m not wildly wrong, this is a bold move in the band-naming department. Fortunately, A Year is quite dazzlingly bright, and cold, and crisp – like mid-winter snow. Nice.

FOURTH! There was a moment in Flash Bang Band’s video (see below) where, suddenly, The Pixies popped into my head. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the punchiness of their music. Why bother wondering, anyway? This is a good throwaway rock song, and they are an increasingly rare occurance.

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