Joseph and David: Premiership Hairdressers

Well, there’s no two ways to put this: Joseph and David sounds a bit like the name of a hairdresser’s: the type you’d find in the Premiership footballer-rich town of Alderley Edge, replete with plenty of white faux-Roman fittings and a car park full of Range Rovers with tinted windows.

You’ll be relieved to hear that, in the real world, split ends and hot-oil treatments are far from Joseph and David’s thoughts.

What really fluffs their towels, so to speak, is creating their deceptively complicated songs like Falling Wood; a song that transcends the merely epic, and rushes with the momentum of a tumbling boulder towards a monumental climax.

Some songs sound too big for their own good, and others sound too reedy and thin. Falling Wood is one of the rare songs that gets the balance right – vast, sprawling and unencumbered by restraint, and yet delicate enough to prickle all the right emotions.

I almost didn’t listen beyond the first verse – such are the time restraints of the music blogger – but boy, was I glad I did.


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