Gung Ho: Rekindling Summer’s Embers

Occasionally I find a band that has been rattling around for a while at the bottom of the cavernous pit of new music that is the ANBAD hard drive.

My usual response is one of guilt: guilt for forgetting to write about the band – let’s call them, oh, I don’t know, Gung Ho – when they’d first got in touch several months previously.

Sometimes, however, the feeling is of overwhelming pleasure: pleasure because the forgotten band – let’s also call them, oh, I don’t know, Gung Ho – turns out to be a producer of genuinely delightful, sun-kissed shimmering pop songs.

And so it goes –  I expect Twin Rays is the most terrifically dainty and breezy pop to emerge from their home town of Brisbane for a long time.

As far as summer-time/beach-time/good-time songs go, this one works harder than most to dredge up all of those wonderful associated feelings, and manages to make it all seem – appropriately effortless too.

Of course, if I’d actually featured them on ANBAD when they’d released the song – in the height of summer – it’d have felt a lot more appropriate.

But good timing is not always the gift it appears, and now that we’re in the depths of autumn, the song serves to rekindle the memory-embers of the summer just passed. How perfect.


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