Being There: Charm, Noodles and Guitar Solos

Sometimes you get a feeling that a band has their collective head collectively screwed on correctly (collectively).

This doesn’t mean that these bands are dull (though they sometimes are) – it just means that they’re smart.

Being There are a smart band. Why? Well, they’ve taken three unwanted, unwashed step-child sub-genres of rock and made them work together; namely Lo-Fi, Shoegazing and even a touch of (deep breath) Baggy.


Tomorrow has such a tactile and tempting guitar buzz, it’s practically covered in bite marks. The song is as dreamily young and naively open-eyed. It’s charm personified.

If nothing else, the final 30 seconds proves two things: a) what a forgiving environment for noodling lo-fi guitar solos that shoegaze guitar buzz is, and b) how much I miss having noodling lo-fi guitar solos.

Weirdly, moments before I first heard Being There, I was listening to Dinosaur Jr. True story. The most impressive part was that there was no jarring thud as I switched from one to the other. Great stuff.


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