Anon: Clinging On For Dear Life

You’ll have to bear with me if the usually exhaustive slew of background information to be found on these pages is missing from the description of today’s new band.

It’s what Anon want, of course, and as such, they have become the first band that I’ve received an email about who have a quasi-legitimate reason for there being no band photograph accompanying the obligatory Soundcloud link.

There’s a fatal flaw in Anon’s plan, however, and that is this: if he/she/they/it wanted to achieve true anonymity, releasing a good song is entirely counter-productive.

What they wanted to do was copy the other 99% of new bands and release something entirely average, and the public-at-large’s mass ambivalence would have ensured they were hidden in plain sight.

What they didn’t want to do was release something as dementedly multi-layered and densely-packed as Bite The Hand.

The song trudges determinedly, steadily into the future; with all the influences and sound-snippets snaffled by Anon clinging on for dear life as it does so.

Here’s a song – and a band – trying to do things the hard way: their way. This rarely garners its practitioners praise, acknowledgement or the results desired. But but stressing their own invisibility, Anon have it arranged so that if they lose, they win. Smart.


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