TV BUDDAHS: The Message Is The Message

It’s hard to dislike the premise: three Israelis, living in Berlin, making Dinosaur Jr.-esque crunch-pop.

And Lo!: so it proves to be, indeed, a tasty proposition: TV BUDDAHS possess something near-intangible that elevates their buzzy clatter above all most of the other bands who have decided to wear baggy clothes and let their hair grow out.

As usual, we are left  pondering, like three decades of puzzled art students before us, whether the medium is the message, or the message the medium.

Most bands adopt musical styles out of an attempt to pre-empt the next wave of short-term musical revisionism, whilst you get the feeling that others would be making that kind of noise whether it was fashionable or not. TV BUDDAHS are that kind of band.

Just Another Day In My Head: at least the title is honest about its navel-gazing nihilism. Compared to the vast bulk of grungy, crunchy power-pop I often endure, this song has panache, melody and bags of style to spare.

TV BUDDAHS‘ songs swoop, then soar, then scuttle away before starting all over again. A genuinely lo-fi delight.


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