Mad Colours, Uncertainty and Eventual Satisfaction

Occasionally a band plops into the ANBAD email inbox that I’m just not sure about.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve learnt that this is not necessarily a Bad Thing – remembering that I just wasn’t sure about Exile On Main Street the first time I heard it (oh, the shame).

Thus, usually, it’s the case that these bands causing such inner turmoil are either actually rather good, or that my radar has gone completely skew-whiff.

With that dubious caveat in mind, here’s Mad Colours, a band brave enough to pick an Anglicised band name that probably won’t show up in American Google searches. Hey, that market is probably not ready for them anyway.

I think any song called Hot Wet Sticky Flowers deserves attention, simply because it conjures a mental image that is both gross and alluring all at once. The band nurtures this inner confusion throughout the song: a blizzard of firmly-struck noises, rousing choruses (plural) and a sense of adventure that would leave most bands breathless.

As stated numerous times on these pages, there’s little merit in consistency. Mad Colours may have just that quality baked-in.

So: excellent stuff. Right? Right.


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