Lissi Dancefloor Disaster: Superlative Overload

Don’t get me wrong, writing about the titular New Band A Day is always a pleasure, never a chore, but while I never tire of the bands themselves, occasionally the process can become a grind.

Some days, though, that ennui is shunted away in a laser-blast, ray-gun, neon-coloured POP BLAST. I’ve been looking forward to writing about Lissi Dancefloor Disaster‘s new, brilliant EP, ever since LDD’s lovely Johan sent me a preview a month ago.

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster have been an ANBAD favourite for about a year since I saw them at In The City and I subsequently became first a fervent unpaid band promoter; then interrogator, probing them in a surprisingly revealing BBC interview.

Anyway. Pop Musiiic is pretty much the best thing I’ve heard for ages. That’s a hugely ineloquent sentence – what’s new? – but I’m too busy having fun listening to their music to care:


I was so pleased by the spasmodically darting keyboard break at 0:45 in this song that I broke one of my key rules, and left a breathless comment on the Souncloud player.

Here’s a song take plays by those well-worn rules of Perfect Pop, and then careful-carelessly pours the contents of a hundred activated glowsticks all over them; all whilst perfoming some freaky dancin’.

I’d hoped to type something insightful and, urgh, smart about Lissi Dancefloor Disaster’s music, but have ended up blurting a lot of messy superlatives and only quarter-baked analogies instead.

So here’s the TL;DR version: this is the best pop music you’ll hear this year. They deserve to be as big, as, oooh, Roxette, at least. Now that’s praise.



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