Inspired And The Sleep: Unpredictable Predictability

The most double-edged of all the things that the internet-led re-arrangement of pop music’s atomic structure has presented to us is this: predictability.

Now that we’ve all spotted which way pop music is headed, we can relax.

Large bands will get more bloated, small bands will retreat further into wilful experimentalism, and everyone in between will struggle to become one or the other.

Inspired and the Sleep, are naturally, a member of the second grouping: producers of what could be described not so much as ‘songs’, and more as ‘neat bundles of tightly-coiled, highly-compressed melodies ready to burst in all directions like a tense handful of clock-springs’.

All the same, and in the interests of readability, they will be referred to as ‘songs’ henceforth.


While We’re Young is a hint at where lo-fi pop is headed: a scrabbled-together collection of twitchy sounds and melodic noodles, stitched together in a patchwork. There might be gaps between the pieces where the breeze can get in, but this only serves to add to the charm of the song.

Inspired and the Sleep have made this look easy: this sounds like a quickly tossed-off songlet, but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t that simple. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe we’ll never know.

But if this is how a lot of music is going to be now, I don’t even care. Nice.

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