Dolfinz; and Furious Machiavellian Machinations

So jaded am I with the furious machinations of the entertainment industry’s PR machine, I actually entertained the thought “I wonder whether the new band Dolfinz are actually surreptitious blog PR for the kids’ movie Dolphin Tale?” for a moment longer than is really feasible.

In reality, the Venn Diagram displaying a correlation between Dolfinz and Dolphin Tale wouldn’t have a huge overlap, but hey: if the conniving team behind Lana del Rey‘s perpendicular shot at startdom can dupe a whole world of bloggers, anyone can.

Still, if songs like Hot Pants are the result of such Machiavellian manipulation, then I’ll happily buy the spin; for now at least.


Hot Pants is a bubble-gum pop song played on a rickety Telecaster using a traffic cone filled with fish-and-chip-papers as amplification. It sounds broken, albeit the kind of endearingly lazy, drowsy broken that is found within lovesick stupor.

My two mental tests when picking a band to put on ANBAD are as follows: Would John Peel play this?, and Would this sound good on a crappy AM radio?

Hot Pants sounds good played through Dolfinz‘ own lo-fi filter, and so the answer to both is a resounding yes. High praise, I suppose.


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