Blouse: Floaty, Gossamer, Billowy

Whilst ANBAD’s mutation from Quasi-Respected New Music Portal into Band-Name-Obsessed Daily Word-Splurge may be mildly embarrassing, one fact remains: band names do actually matter – just probably not quite as much as I think they do.

‘Blouse’, for instance, may well instinctively sound like the name of a hopeless tailcoat-riding Britpop band from 1995, but if that instant association was to put you off, you’d be missing a genuine treat.

Moreover, Blouse suits this band simply perfectly: floaty, gossamer, billowy and slightly sexy.


Videotapes could, in fact, be one of the most truly excellent songs so far this year. That it could easily soundtrack a thousand shockingly expensive car TV adverts is of no fault of the band itself – more a confirmation of their talents.

Because buried deep within its warped synths, clobbering drums and breathy vocals lies a pristine and simple 4-square pop song; hooks, choruses and progressions all in the right place, at the right time.

Much of Blouse’s music was recorded in an old warehouse. There’s something unspeakably seedy about a band called Blouse recording a song like Videotapes in a location like that. Excellent.


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