Be A Rockstar! (Glamour Models Not Included)

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Unless you’re blind, deaf, or utterly determined not to engage with the rest of the world at large (or even all three), you’ll have heard that 1989’s baggiest of bands, The Stone Roses, have announced a surprise comeback; in a flurry of sportswear, pithy quotes and excessive swagger.


“So what?” you may say, “Everyone’s doing it these days. Even Steps just reunited, and nobody wanted that to happen.”


But what’s most interesting about these ancient bands getting back together is not that they are doing it, but why. And guess what? Thanks to a new partnership between Paco Rabanne  Black XS and Universal Music, you can have a go at finding out why and Be A Rock Star for yourself on their whizzy new website


The huge novelty cheques must help incentivise bands – but I’ve always wanted to be a rock star, and my dreams aren’t all about rolling around on hotel mattresses covered with £20 notes and glamour models (OK, they mainly are).
It’s also the adulation I long for. The screaming fans. The excitement of the road. The smells lingering in the band’s van. Hitting the first power-chord of the night. Punching the first stage invader or the tour. Watching TVs tumble out of the hotel window.


So why not have some of these vicarious thrills for yourself? Be A Rockstar by using nothing more than a photo of your face and doing a lot of waving into your webcam whilst suspiciously attractive people clamour for your autograph. Go to to unleash your inner rock god.
And when you’re done, join the unusually- named Peanut and the rest of the bristly gang from Kaiser Chiefs both on and off- stage in the Black XS  Off Shows and see what it’s like having thousands of demented fans bellowing your lyrics right back into your bewildered faces.


“Hang” with Two Door Cinema Club backstage and boggle at how even a seasoned bunch of rock scamps seem to be overwhelmed by the madness of it all. It’s a series of nine episodes and will be airing on and the Black XS YouTube channel towards the end of the year.


Because that’s what being a rock star’s all about isn’t it? And it’s why Mani, Reni, Ian and John are going through it all over again. Well, that and the glamour models.


For more info on the brand and the partnership, check out or the Black XS Facebook page here.

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