Almeeva, and Avoiding MOR Road Tragedies

I read an interview with Chris de Burgh a couple of days ago. Madness, I know, but bear with me.

In it, Chris revealed that he once cried so hard at a Mike and the Mechanics song that he almost crashed the car he was driving. Aside from his avoiding the Most MOR Death Ever, this revelation does highlight the unique properties of Driving Music.

Driving music doesn’t have to be wall-to-wall Creedence (although it wouldn’t hurt if it was) and at least Almeeva was bold enough to state that his music is ideally suited to ploughing along an empty, ribbony, highway late at night.

He’s right, of course. His songs are relentless, mechanical rushes into the night; half analogue, half digital – all speed, smooth lines and finesse.


Echoes, fine, silvery and menacing, accelerates from a standing start and mutates into a blur of steel, rumble and computer-controlled curves.

If Chris de Burgh listened to Almeeva in his car he’d probably crash it on purpose. This is only one reason to enjoy Almeeva.


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