1991: Inexhaustable

The new music world is nothing if not thoroughly impatient, rejecting the new for being the norm the very instant people outside their world take notice.

In itself, this is fine, but the relentless pace of change is exhausting – both for the listener and for the music itself.

1991 are poised nicely to operate in a void of their own manufacture. Their moniker namechecks a recent past that is just far enough away to suggest a re-visitation, but too close to be nostalgic. Their music, more importantly, performs a similar trick.

So, how do we get a handle on them? Like this, I suppose:

Bloodless is what Dubstep would sound like without having been passed through the “Generic Dubstep WUBWUBWUB” filter in ProTools. The result is a song which, perhaps contrarily, has more punch, more impact and more open space in which to breathe.

We’re drawn in through sounds which almost sound familiar, but on closer inspection, are just skewed enough to confuse.

This false sense of security is 1991‘s secret. It’s a simple enough trick, but effective; and whilst the future may not sound like this, 1991 might be pointing the way. Or, indeed, not.

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