Two Wounded Birds // Bestival Preview 2011 (PLUS: Astonishing Alex James Cheese News)

ANBAD is off to the UK’s best festival, er… Bestival, this weekend – and here’s another new-band preview…

Hold it right there, bub. There’s something important to relay to you before we get started.

Remember Blur? Remember when you wore your button-collared Ben Sherman shirt, sipping lager without irony, singing tunlessly along to Country House?

Remember how you thought, “Well, these bouncy basslines are just lovely, but what the bassist needs to do is produces a range of novelty cheeses?”

Well, sigh no more, dear reader, as Alex James from Blur now produces exactly that – including a range of cheese slices in the shape of bread – that are “easy for kids to use.” We’re in  a brave new world. Drink it in.

As for Two Wounded Birds, well, I can only apologise that they were buried under a pile of words dedicated to a rock star’s ludicrous dairy product.

I bet they don’t care because a) they’re playing at Bestival next week and b) they sound like they are laser-focussed on the arduous task of producing frothy, buzzing pop songs:

All We Wanna Do is under two minutes long (i.e. – the perfect pop song length) is crammed with tommy-gun drums, swirls of tamed guitar fuzz and removed-from-it-all lyrics.

I’m not even sure that the band know what it is they wanna do, but they are entirely adept at shaping this uncertainty into punky power-pop song form.

If a song could convey its total antipathy towards a celebrity cheese product, it would be this one. Two Wounded Birds provide short, blunt, shocks. Fun.


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