Trabajo: Working It

Well, after two weeks of blathering about Bestival, outdoor life with Ketamine-fuelled teens and TOTALLY AWESOME LASERS, it’s frankly a relief to be reviewing new bands again without the threat of pop’s non-sequitur de jour – the generic WUB WUB WUB bassline – appearing at any moment.

If there is one band who are entirely unlikely to copy and paste a loop from the Garageband Dubstep Pack into their bewilderingly convoluted musical nuggets, it’s Trabajo.

Not everyone likes songs that appear to have harnessed the sounds garnered from a couple of spinning chainsaws being lobbed into a busy circus ring, but you have to admit that the prospect is interesting at the very least.


Two Horns is, indeed, music at its most obtuse and testing, but if you dig just a little deeper below the spasmodic metallic convulsions, you’ll hear miniscule glimpses of bright pop – destroyed, shattered, hidden and never to be heard in its entirety.

This is not pop music, of course (this is Pop Music). But there is a strange pleasure in watching someone take something of conventional beauty and break it into pieces. Trabajo are that temptation made flesh.


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