The View From… Brazil (Pt 2)

Murilo Portescheller does not only have a fabulously beguiling name, but he’s a native of Brazil who is studying here in Manchester for a few months.

Having left the endless beaches of his homeland and swapped them for the endless  drizzle of Manchester, no wonder he is eager to reminisce about his country’s music scene…

In the past few years, Brazil’s got some emerging bands that may have changed the image of the country’s alternative music scene. Indie Rock and Experimental bands got back on track.

Jennifer Lo-fi is the most exciting new band that came out from São Paulo in many years from now. With influences from experimental, post-rock bands like This Town Needs Guns, Sigur Rós, Circa Survive and The Mars Volta, they created something that Brazil was not used to listen to.

Their gigs are definitely intense, energic, well played and veeery noisy, such as their two EP’s, Summer Session (2010) and Nóia (2011). Technically talking, they are one of the best bands in Brazil.

Another experimental band is making some noise in the Brazilian alternative music scene: Dorgas. This fresh new band – they’ve got only a single, Loxhanxha (2011), and an EP, Verdeja Music (2010), released – from Rio de Janeiro makes an experimental-druggy sound, with broken guitar riffs and drums, synth backgrounds and reverbed vocals. A band to watch out for!

The ‘biggest Brazilian new band’ is called Holger (which is already known in ANBAD – they appeared in The View From Brazil Pt. 1). They’ve grown a lot since their first EP, The Green Valley, was released. The press and the public literally embraced the band when they released the debut album Sunga, late in 2010.

It sounds like a mix of the early riff-indie rock from USA (like Pavement and stuff) and the african music beats – I could easily compare it to the self-titled Vampire Weekend’s debut album.

The funky band Garotas Suecas, from São Paulo, is a clear revival from the funk scene of Brazil in the 70’s and 80’s. They toured in NY last year and released the full-length album Escaldante Banda, which had got such great reviews from the local and worldwide music press.

Rock’n’roll Black Drawing Chalks deserves some attention too. The band with heavy melodies and great riffs from Goiânia are well known in Brazil.

They already reached a good place in the alternative music scene with two LP’s released, Big Deal (2007) and Life Is A Big Holiday For Us (2009), and their single My Favorite Way was chosen by the Rolling Stone Brasil magazine as the best song of 2009.

It’s worth to keep the eyes on new artists from Brazil. Some really good stuff are coming out and not arriving in Europe. I’d say the next things to come are The Tape Disaster (a very talented instrumental band from Porto Alegre), Apanhador Só and Inverness.

PS:if you want to translate some Portuguese names of the bands:

Garotas Suecas = Swedish Girls
Apanhador Só = Lonely Catcher
Dorgas = Durgs, a joke with the word ‘drugs’…

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