NOSAJ THING // Bestival 2011 Preview

Here’s the final Bestival Preview before the ‘ANBAD massive’ head off to the delightful mud-stravaganza festival  itself tomorrow.

After that we’ll be live-blogging and tweeting about how the mud isn’t stopping us from having a good time, OK?

OK – let’s cut to the chase.

ANBAD is obsessively curious about band names. And NOSAJ THING is an artist name with what is surely his real first name spelt backwards in it and in doing so forms a weak pun. It’s a match made in heaven.

Thus, NOSAJ THING was always going to be featured on ANBAD. The planets align like that sometimes. Fortunately, the music justifies inclusion as well. Phew.

Nightcrawler is positively alive with vast, lukewarm synth washes, punchy drums and swarms of  relaxation-CD noise-fog, but it’s the unusual sense of width and disconnection that marks the songs apart.

Spacey house music populates the music blog world so densely that it may as well be the default background music, but NOSAJ THING has succeeded in making this music a double-headed beast: you can concentrate on it or allow it to invade your mind insidiously. Both work, but in different ways.


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