MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 21st September 2011

Well. Here’s a thing.

An all-new Midweek Mixtape, brought to you by none other than the NEW Official ANBAD Mascot, Alex “Cheese” James, of ‘Blur’ and ‘signed a big deal with a Wal-Mart-owned supermarket chain’ fame.

Now, instead of merely listening to a bunch of new bands and thinking about them, you can listen to the bands, think about them and enjoy a slice of salad cream-flavoured cheese – in the shape of bread!


FIRST: Noise From The Fridge have stolen Happy Monday’s guitar sound and Ian Curtis’ vocals. There are two mitigating factors that ought to stop your fretting right in its tracks: the band are from Manchester, and Sun Shines Through is also remarkable in it evocation of another time.

SECOND: Love Delux tell us that Love Is A Kaleidoscope. Which is strange because if pop music is to be believed, it’s actually a Battlefield. Or a Losing Game. Either way, the multi-coloured elements of LIAK are quite delirious.

THIRD: Deluxe – two ‘delux’-themed bands in a row marks some of special achievement for ANBAD. In my notes, I wrote “Deluxe sound Belgian”. There is no proof to back up such absurd claims. Plastic Glass is lovely though, and so were the band Deus, so maybe that’s the connection.

FINALLY: Fuji Kureta has made a song that is like no other I’ve heard for a long time. Bizarro glitch-pop and breathy French vocals on the subject of a section of the ocean don’t often crop up in pop songs, but Finis-Terre is no ordinary pop song. Right? Right.

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