GPSYMTH: Order Out Of Chaos

My ANBAD email inbox is chaos. It used to be so ordered, so clean – but these days I have a zebra-striped clutter of read and unread messages stretching back two months or so. The perils of moderate blogging success.

Here’s the result of an email that got through the carnage of my Inbox (267): GPSYMTH. The email that Peter (for it is he) sent is a lesson in curtailed clarity – brief, tempting, concise. It was one of those “I am X, I make music that is Y, if you put it on the blog, I’ll pay you Z.”

OK, the last bit was a joke.

GPSYMTH got through the e-maze mainly because the songs he makes are so damn airy. Listen to Hamilton. It’s a song about what it’s like being a tree.



I find myself in constant surprise how the same bunch of synth sounds can be applied in enough different ways to make so many different, soaring songs, of which Hamilton is one.

This is a song to soundtrack events that simply won’t happen: a float through the troposphere on a lilo, idly dangling a hand into whipped-foam cloudlets below; an hour-long swim underwater in warm tropical seas, examining gritty iridescent shells with wrinkled salty fingers.

Deliriously otherworldly.


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