Breton: Indecisive, Massive, Attack

Name changes really affect a band, don’t they? Just ask Viva Brother (or whatever band they’re all in now). Breton – now there’s a decent band name, and all the better after their decision to change from BretonLABS, which made them sound like a denim manufacturer. All the same, you’re not likely to find them popping up on the Radio 1 A playlist, or lurking on too many iPods, but it’s a start.

If Massive Attack decided to make indie-films, produce videos for other bands and replace the hey-who-turned-off-the-lights vocals, you’d be left with something that vaguely resembles Breton.

Thus Breton are more than just a band – they’re more of an Andy Warhol’s Factory collective. After forming in -where else? – south-east London last year, Breton dropped the ‘LABS’ from their name. It paid off.

Breton haven’t been resting on their laurels in the past year either, having already produced a trilogy of EPs; titled Practical, Counter Balance, and Sharing Notes.

It says a lot about them that the early copies of these EPs came mounted on a handmade circuit board, alongside a list of components and instructions which allows you to create a fully working synth.

The band very rarely step out of their BretonLABS HQ, living lives of seclusion we’ve come to expect from this artistic breed of musician. You’re probably not going to spy them buying chipolata sausages or picking up pink fuzzy iPod accessories in Tesco.

On the few occasions that they do leave the LABS, it’s to perform secret shows shrouded in black hoods. Breton’s eerie sound, awash with dubstep-scented basslines and chopped rhythms, is pretty gripping.

Their debut album won’t be available until February 2012. Fine. In the meantime their latest single, The Commission, is available now as a free download.


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