Brandt Bauer Flick // Bestival 2011 Preview

ANBAD is having sleepless nights in anticipation of attending the UK’s most brilliantly realised festival, Bestival, in a week and a half -whence the ANBAD ‘posse’ will have yet more sleepless nights due to the amazing line-up and by camping next door to some drugged-up loons who won’t stop laughing at 5am

ANBAD is, of course, the UK’s primary 360-degree, full turn-key New Music Sourcing Solution, and over the next week, we’ll be showcasing a few of the new bands who’ll be there; followed by live-blogging whilst there and a full round-up of the best bands on our return.

The first band featured is the excitingly esoteric Brandt Bauer Flick, who are, as you’ll probably have gathered, an experimentally-minded German Classical-House project.

Take note: that’s Classical-House, not “classic house”. There are no squelchy 808s here.

Instead the three eponymous members take their abilities as classical music performers and apply the sounds with a build-and-release sensibility. I love it when bands do that.

The idea is one that has been attempted previously, though almost always without any success whatsoever. Brandt Bauer Flick’s efforts are, of course, different.

What makes songs like the above collaboration with Pinquins so agreeable is the fact that neither house music nor classical music is fighting for prominence. The two align perfectly, and instead we’re swept along by the mere excellence of the song. Fabulously metronomic.


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