Gosh, Saturday was a whirlwind – almost literally, as gales whooshed through Bestival, blowing off many a novelty wig from the heads of people who dressed up for the rock star-themed day.

Sadly the wind did not blow over any of the douchebag minority who used the theme as an entirely un-hilarious opportunity to black up.

ANBAD learnt that:

*PJ Harvey has the best dressed band in the world, and was uniformly brilliant.
*Last Month’s Band of the moment, Yuck, are good, although exactly as expected
*Primal Scream’s Screamadelica works OK live.
*Primal Scream’s LASERS were the best so far (photos to follow)

Today brings unexpected sunshine and DJ Shadow. Hooray!

Here is a photo of BESTIVAL WIND:

Ballet on Main Stage. Its culture, innit. They’re dancing to a Radiohead/Britney mash-up…

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