Bestival 2011: In Pictures

ANBAD is still enjoying the long, deep sleep that can only be fully appreciated in a normal bed after a few days of camping in a field* at a music festival; thus the written review will follow when consciousness has fully returned.

In the meantime – here’s a picture gallery of things that flashed before our eyes at Bestival when we were aware enough to be holding a shonky camera that could record it. Fair Warning: there are a lot of pictures of the AWESOME LASERS in the Big Top tent.

Confused audience members watching ballet on the main stage.

Band-Of-The-Moment (a few moments ago) YUCK playing songs at a crowd on a stage sponsored by a rum manufacturer. There was no free rum.

Official Friend Of ANBAD, D/R/U/G/S, playing an (excellent) set at a stage sponsored by an energy drinks company. There were no free energy drinks (thankfully).

A whole new approach to pooping. Sawdust = water.

Bestival: Best Furnished Festival 2011. Just look at those fittings.



OMG LASERS! #3. NB: The lasers weren't the *best* thing about Primal Scream, but it was close.

After being thrilled by such a carefully-chosen slew of pictures, you’ll be pleased to know that a marginally more thoughtful written review is being typed by slow, dozy fingers, and will be posted soon.

*ANBAD’s media hub tent, by the way, was slap bang next to a field that had a large, pointy, metal sculpture which periodically blew flames from its tip and pumped out thud-thud-thud-thud house music 24/7.

Eventually, we gave up trying to sleep and just joined the masses who were drawn to the big metallic dick like so many sleep-deprived/drunk moths. 

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