Well, the time is nigh, and the ANBAD Posse/Crew/Massive* (*delete as appropriate/bearable) are hoppin’ onto the mud-train and are trundling at moderate speed down to Bestival on the Isle Of Wight.

Mud awaits. And rain. This is just  the usual British festival experience, albeit more bearable, because of a terrific Bestival line-up, with Appropriately Big Names like Bjork, The Cure and Public Enemy nestling snugly alongside a glut of delightful new bands, including Friend of ANBAD, the one-man heavy-heavy house-adelica machine, D/R/U/G/S.

You can follow all the muddy fun on ANBAD: we’ll be live-blogging right here (possibly just blurry, mud-smeared photos), and tweeting desperate cries for help from mudbaths here.

See you in the mud-pit!

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