Trwbador: Brutal, Elusive

The laptop is a brutally efficient, endlessly alluring tool for musicians, but one whose major drawback is one and the same: it is just too easy to suck the life – shhhllllurrrrrppp! – right out of a song.

Conversely, folk music has exactly the opposite qualities: it takes forever to write a great song, but when you do, it’ll touch your audience in a way they never imagined.

Trwbador are not the first band to try to balance this dichotomy. They are one of few who have actually managed it – and how, creating a sound that is otherworldly, yet real; mechanical, yet tender.

Sun In Winter is an almost perfect example of how to splice the two together. Vocals that are painfully intimate, yet icily distant, dart in and around a sparse smattering of noises that form the space that a song used to occupy.

This song is a remix of a remix of a song that never existed in the first place. We can imagine this song – it’s so close we can almost touch it – and yet it simply doesn’t exist. Beautiful, bright, brilliant.

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