The Beige: Beige Before Beauty

Now. Look here.

I’m a huge fan of obtuse band names. I like uncool band names, apposite band names, ludicrous band names, facile band names and band names with punctuation in them.

Band names make up, as far as I can tell, a huge chunk of any given band’s persona, whether the band in question likes it or not.  So where does that leave The Beige?

That’s right. The Beige. A band named after the colour of old peoples’ wardrobes. The colour that isn’t daring enough to be brown or cream.

Thus, The Beige (the band) are bound to be either stupefyingly dull or ironically bombastic, right?


Well, no. Mother is a one-man-in-his-bedroom recording of superior quality, a song with no frills and eyebrows firmly un-raised.

Instead, The Beige – whoever he really may be (as per New Band Protocol, photographs are not proffered, hence the above accompanying picture) – has written a song that is quietly beautiful in its simplicity.

Artists like this pretty much fulfil ANBAD’s criteria exactly: an achingly new band testing the water with a sparse but surprisingly lovely demo.

The Beige also fulfil the most important criteria of all: writing a really good song. Nothing could be less beige than that.



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