Shitty Awesome – 50% Correct At Any Given Time

In my fevered daydreams, I like to think that  bands are starting to bend and sway to the tune of my foibles.

It’s no secret that ANBAD is preternaturally fascinated with band names, and it’s a grubby truism that a good band name will pretty much guarantee inclusion on this website.

So, how long, I wondered, until bands start changing their names just to catch my eye? Which brings us neatly to Shitty/Awesome, doesn’t it?

Leaving aside the fact their near-perfect moniker, can you guess what the band sounds like? That’s right: spazmoid buzzsaw kinetic-rock; all arms, sweat and yelps emerging from beneath overlong fringes.


It’s been an immutable law of noisy rock since, well, forever: if you’re going to make a racket, do it properly.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Say So shakes like a shitting dog, rattles like Mr T’s jewellery and rolls like a drunkard. Honestly, what more do you need?


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