Pinkunoizu: Super-Slo-Mo Surf Pop

Living in fear is bad, mmmkay, but we humans are all guilty of such indulgences.

Let’s share:

I live in fear that one day all of the people living in the Scandinavian countries will wake up having forgotten how to make blissful pop music.

There, I said it. Hey, I didn’t say the fears had to be existential or anything.

By the looks of things, my doomsday scenario will probably not come to pass.  Pinkunoizu, from Copenhagen, appear with yet another deliriously shimmering pop song; trippy, crystal clear and feeding off its own sugary outpourings.


Time Is Like a Melody keeps evolving right before our very ears, throughout the song, throughout its own time-span.

Delicious, super-slo-mo surf pop slumps weightily into drifting polyrhythms and crunching, misplaced guitar solos. It’s a smörgåsbord (sorry) of silken, slithering sounds.

Apparently Pinkunoizu is Japanese for… well, you can probably figure that out for yourself. Apparently, pink noise does actually exist, along with grey noise, violet noise and, er, brown noise.

Pink noise is an especially dense version of white noise, hypnotically obliterating all other sound. Apt. Great.


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