MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 24th August 2011

The content of ANBAD is, of course, almost wholly dictated by world events.

While Libya has crumbled, hope and joy have sprung eternal – and who better to expound such life-affirming virtues than a 56 year old human man who thinks he’s Peter Pan?

Lt. Drebin is examining the evidence to determine if Randy will, in fact, ever grow up.

Probably a good time for a mixtape:

FIRST! SEAMS uses samples of a woman playing the hang outside a market hall he shops at. I hope the woman doesn’t have a good lawyer, else there’s a royalties nightmare just waiting to happen. Still – the resulting song, Hung Markets, is a hypnotic and dainty, self-cannibalising treat.


SECOND! Well, with a name like that, of course Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt was always going to appear on ANBAD. Don’t let my foibles disguise the fact that The Town Crazies is the kind of delightful song that, in a saner world, would be heard by lots more people.


THIRD! “Cesspool”, eh? That’s a bandname that’ll have the girls flocking. If the name doesn’t give the groupies cause to hesitate, then maybe the bizarre, cracked blues of Heartbreak might. It’s a song that could possibly whelp a further couple of songs from its dense brew of noise – but for now, just feel the width.


FOURTH! Binary make the kind of grand, skyscraping music that rarely finds its way onto this website – and whilst maybe such a stance is usually for the best, today somehow demands glossy, bright, gutsy rock. Delivered.

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