MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 17th August 2011

Britain is no longer going RIOT CRAZY. Is this a good thing? Possibly – if it means we’re no longer subject to fight-the-power, knocked-this-up-when-I-was-drunk, quasi-protest songs like this.

Lt. Drebin has been out all week catching perps, and is exhausted, thank you very much. He also wants to know if you want a really cheap as-new Xbox.


FIRST: Sleeping In The Aviary are one of those bands that blur the ‘new band’ status, having played in a ton of other projects for about, ooh, a decade. Talking Out of Turn is a power-pop smash that will perhaps mean they can finally hang around in one band for a while. Phew.


SECOND: Cid Ninja are drenched in mystery and intrigue. But hey, which new band isn’t these days? Fortunately, Soker Du has the spook-pop chops to back up just about any stance they fancy. A song of tantalising brevity and deft construction.


THIRD: Ryan Jovian might know what the Black and Blue Shift is, but I, frankly have no idea. That’s my fault, of course. You can blame Ryan for making a song that is half trippy house synths, half rock clatter, and half gutsy vocals. Wait. That’s three halves. Whoah.


FOURTH: Can you imagine being Robbed By Robots? It would be so awesome. You’d never talk about anything else for the rest of your life. Maxed Out sits  somewhere between low-down minimal techno Super Discount-era French House music. It is not made by robots. Sadly.

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