Magicks: >>FFW//REV<<

Looking backwards – in terms of musical creativity at least – is both the essence and the enemy of song-writing.

Almost nothing else can provoke such rapid leaps in the evolution of a song, and yet, of course, this is the double-edged sword that results in both M83 and Nickleback.

Rifling through old records has also whelped forth the music of Magicks, though you may rest easy in the knowledge that Jason Magicks has used the past to craft a wonderfully enveloping maelstrom of sound.


Cycles of Sine Waves Peaking Through Valleys is a song that is positively drowning in echo, reverb and washes of noise, which bleed seductively into lyrics that are lost in time, but still somehow affect the heart. Lyrics have a way of doing that.

Who knows which bands records Magicks dipped into for inspiration. Maybe he wasn’t even aware of doing it. But within songs like these is the remote reverberation of the favourite songs you know, and plenty that you don’t. Backwards = Forwards.


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