Kids: Terrified, Breezy

Confusion reigns, as always, in ANBAD towers.

What to make of a band with both a terrified and simultaneously breezy outlook? Do they even know themselves?

Kids might have a name that launched a thousand bands (OK, Johnny Depp’s and a couple of others), but they have carved out their own niche via a grab-bag of Dick Dale Guitar lines, sweet vocals and a general air of casual carelessness.

“Never gonna make it out alive,” seems an entirely gloomy outlook, but Kids are no navel-gazing teens – hey, they’re kids, remember.

And so what could have become, in different hands, a nihilistic woe-is-me paean, blossoms into a frenetic, scuzzy, candy-coloured pop song.

This act of flipping grouchy lyrics onto upbeat songs alone makes the band something to cherish. The fact that their tunes could get a disco full of truculent teens on their feet and dancing is a marvel.

Kids must know their audience well – and it’s a joy to behold.


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