Jen Jeniro – More Than Lovely

I occasionally make notes next to the names of forthcoming bands on the ANBAD Big Bands To Do List.

They’re as banal and ludicrous as you can imagine. Recent examples include: “Spazzy gut-scream rawk,” and “Cloudy clatter-technoize”. (Fun Time Ahoy: see if you can match the description with the band.)

So is it insulting or merely half-hearted on my part that Jen Jeniro had the words ‘Lovely Welsh Band’ next to them? I mean, it’s true and all, but come on.

Jen Jeniro push the definition of ‘new’ a bit, but you’ll forgive any discretions as soon as you hear the coruscating Dolphin Pinc a Melyn, a song that, for once, justifies ANBAD’s most over-used word: delightful.

And delightful it is, in  a very real sense – you cannot fail to listen to such wistfully sweet melodies without cracking a smile, and once again, the Welsh language proves that it is ideally suited to dreamily psychadelic, golden pop.

Jen Jeniro are indeed more than a Lovely Welsh Band, but for now, such banalities will suffice. Excellent.


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