Ghetto Ghetto: A Two-Piece That Suits

There’s something undeniably appealing about two-piece rock bands.

It’s the limitations, of course. There’s always an innate admiration that two people can tease enough variety out of the smattering of instruments that their limbs can accommodate, and partly because such an arrangement almost always results in music that is unequivocally primal in its  make-up.

So can you guess what Ghetto Ghetto sound like? You’d be close, of course – as Ghetto Ghetto are a two-piece rock band, and thus fulfil the criteria outlined above.

They’re from Melbourne, are called appropriately basic rock names (Rob, Kent)  and have the kind of hair that bands used to have in the 90’s, before bands decided to get stylists and sponsored by fashion labels. This is all looking rather good, isn’t it?

And so it proves: You’re One Of Us is primary-coloured in every respect: teak-tough riffs, stolid, solid drums and lyrics music on the classic combination of love and alienation.

Yet – there’s a droning, lazy, warped quality to the noise itself, elevating the song above the drudgery of the sum of its parts.

This band could have sounded like Jet. Instead, they’ve found a way to worm something more interesting into the furniture. Nice.


3 thoughts on “Ghetto Ghetto: A Two-Piece That Suits

  1. Loving this band so much I listen to them walking down the street and it makes me feel tuff like stallone

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