Dream Jefferson: A Nonsensical Kaleidoscope

ATTENTION: Today, we host one of the thrice-yearly ANBAD Hip Hop Posts. Do not be alarmed.

Even leaving aside the strange lack of correlation between how much I enjoy hip-hop (a lot) and how much it features on this website (rarely), Dream Jefferson‘s very being  introduces a whole raft of soul-searching questions.

All the best bands skate along a thin line between ludicrousness and brilliance, especially in the bafflingly braggadocio world of hip-hop: take a bow, Beastie Boys, Flavor Flav, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Kanye, etc, etc.

Dream Jefferson‘s posturing and bratty bluster would seem nonsensical in most other environs, but sitting as it does, in a rainbow-coloured nest of electro-lo-fi hip hop, it thrives and reaps its own rewards, over and over.

Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla pulses with its own insanity, wisecracks and lush sheen; a nonsensical kaleidoscope twisting carelessly from one pop culture reference to another.

This, of course, is what Good Hip Hop should do. Thus, Dream Jefferson are Good Hip Hop. What better praise could there be?

MORE: dreamjefferson.bandcamp.com

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